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Pointing to the issue that the Ministry of Industry does not accept the reduction in tobacco use and seeks to develop the tobacco industry because of its high income, the Minister of Health says, “The Ministry of Industry neutralize whatever we do, as if tobacco industry has a large profit for it and maybe for the Management and Planning Organization. They have closed their eyes on some issues.”

[ 26 July 2017 ] [7:16 am]

Speaking at a national conference related to the National Non-Smoking Week held at the Ministry of Health, the Secretary-General of the Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association (IATA) announced, “After the sanctions, we saw foreign tobacco companies entering Iran’s market. The production of cigarettes by paying the lowest amount of taxes in Iran has imposed a heavy burden on the health of the community. This situation is inconsistent with our slogans of development.”

[ 26 July 2017 ] [7:04 am]

The country’s education system must take seriously the concerns related to tobacco use

[ 26 July 2017 ] [6:46 am]

Declaring the foundation of the first non-governmental center for tobacco control research affiliated to the Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association (IATA), Dr. Mohammad-Reza Masjedi said: “In order to progress the tobacco control we should take fundamental measures and any measure in this field needs to extend and use of human knowledge”.

[ 16 November 2016 ] [8:58 am]

The Secretary-General of the Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association (IATA) says that one of the main obstacles in the way of tuberculosis treatment is its resistance against the first-line drugs. He believes that if the TB-related drugs are prescribed and used properly, at least 98 percent of infected patients would be cured.

[ 16 November 2016 ] [8:54 am]

The Secretary-General of the Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association (IATA) declared the beginning of the PAD project by ringing a bell at one of the Varamin schools. The Governor of Varamin, the head of Varamin City Council, and some of the municipal authorities were among guests of this ceremony.

[ 13 November 2016 ] [5:32 am]

After ringing a bell for the beginning of the PAD project in one of the city’s schools, the Governor of Varamin said that turning Varamin to the first tobacco-free city in Iran and implementation of the PAD project in Varamin schools is a great honor for us and a major step in fight against tobacco use.

[ 13 November 2016 ] [5:28 am]

On October 29th, 2016, the Pad project was inaugurated in two schools of Varamin city. This ceremony was held by participation of Dr. Mohammad-Reza Masjedi, the Secretary-General of the Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association (IATA); Esma’il Afshar, the member of the IATA’s Board of Directors; Hamid-Reza Shahsavan, the head of IATA’s branch in Varamin; the Governor of Varamin, and other municipal authorities.

[ 13 November 2016 ] [5:24 am]

As a prominent figure in the field of pulmonary diseases, Dr. Mohammad-Reza Masjedi, the professor of Shahid-Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, won a medal from the 7th International Congress of Professor Yalda. On 20th October 2016, this medal was awarded to Dr. Masjedi by Dr. Ja’farian, the head of Tehran University.

[ 22 October 2016 ] [12:22 pm]

According to the content of PAD project (prevention of tobacco use), students from Varamin (capital of Vramin County in southern part of Tehran province) would cooperated to the Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association as ambassadors of smoking prevention.

[ 8 October 2016 ] [7:30 am]

Clean Breath Educational Center (Far Amooze Nafas-e Pak) was visited by 10 foreign countries NGOs with the presence of Director General of Municipal Health Administration, Samaneh Zamani.

[ 8 October 2016 ] [7:28 am]

On September 24th, 2016 and in conjunction with the Nafas ceremony, the Women’s Unit of the Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association (IATA) and the Smoking Cessation Clinic were inaugurated at the Milad Tower’s Health Hall with the aim of offering help and services, related to the smoking prevention/cessation methods, to the clients referring to the booth.

[ 1 October 2016 ] [9:01 am]

Hujjat al-Islam Mohammadi Golpayegani, Head of the Office of Supreme Leader, and head of the board of trustees of Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association took part in the campaign entitled “Let’s Make Kalians Flower Pots”.

[ 8 August 2016 ] [8:24 am]

– Running a campaign entitled turning hookah into vase “Let’s Make Kalians Flowerpot”, and the joining of National Network for Preventing Non-contagious Diseases to this campaign – Holding seminar entitled “Women and Smoking” and other programs in the “Week without Smoking” by Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association – Holding anti-tobacco educational courses for children and young adults […]

[ 2 July 2016 ] [10:03 am]

While the tobacco consumption rate is increasing in the country and sterner measures should be taken to stem the tide, a new phenomenon has emerged; that of single-use home delivery hookahs or ‘fast-doods’ (‘dood’ literally means smoke in Farsi), as they are called in local parlance.

[ 19 June 2016 ] [5:23 am]

Tehran Times – The growing trend of hookah-smoking among women and the youth is worrying and if it is not curbed immediately, it will spread among teenagers, Hassan Azaripour, a health ministry official, said on Thursday.

[ 19 June 2016 ] [5:19 am]

Tehran, May 30, IRNA – Ceremony on World No Tobacco Day began here Monday at Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

[ 19 June 2016 ] [5:16 am]

In the seminar of “Women and Smoking”, which was held on 25th of May, one of the members of Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association referred to the health risks of smoking and said, “Smoking is the cause of 25 diseases”.

[ 11 June 2016 ] [7:29 am]

Dr. Hashemi, Minister of Health and Medical Education, paid a visit to a photo and poster exhibition in Iranian Artists’ House which its theme was “Life without smoking”.

[ 31 May 2016 ] [7:35 am]

During the first meeting of “Cultural Council for Tobacco Control” held on 21st February 2016 in Ministry of Health and Medical Education headquarter; Mohammad Reza Masjedi, The head of Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association submitted the programs and strategies of tobacco free University and Hospital under the title of “Nine Directives charter” to minister of health and minister of science.

[ 21 May 2016 ] [9:18 am]
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