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The proposal of the iata to fight against smoking in Iran in the context of drafting the 7th development plan in the Islamic Council

Tobacco, family support and population youth in the seventh development plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran


According to the recent notification of the general policies of the 7th Development Plan by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution and with regard to the goals of the National document on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases, which was approved by the heads of the three powers in Iran and the then president of the World Health Organization, according to goal 5: 30% reduction Tobacco use in people over 15 years old until 2025, the government is obliged to provide the mechanisms and infrastructure necessary for the full implementation of the comprehensive tobacco control law in the 7th plan.

According to the “iata” public relations report, the important articles related to the issue of tobacco are presented as follows:

Article 4: Tax justice, creation of new tax bases

Considering the Supreme Leader’s emphasis on tax justice and considering that the tobacco tax in Iran is one quarter of the tax of Saudi Arabia, one sixth of Turkey and one half of Pakistan, the formula proposed by the Tax Affairs Organization for cigarettes and various tobacco products was implemented during the seventh plan and annually based on The inflation rate announced by the central bank should be adjusted.

From the beginning of the first year of the implementation of this law/program, the tax based on the volume (Specific Tax) of all types of cigarettes and hookah tobacco will be added to paragraph “T” of Article 26 of the Value Added Tax Law approved on 3 April 2021 as follows:

1- Each domestically produced cigarette with the Iranian logo is three thousand (3000) Rials

2- Each domestically produced cigarette with an international mark in the amount of five thousand (5000) Rials

3- Each imported cigarette in the amount of six thousand (6000) Rials

In addition, it is suggested that after the end of the 5-year period of the 7th plan, the proposed formula for the sustainability of tobacco control based on the Comprehensive Law on Tobacco Control, approved by the Islamic Council, 2005, should continue.

Article 6: Emphasis on the supply of food and the production of basic goods inside the country

 Modifying the cultivation pattern and prioritizing the production of strategic agricultural goods

Preventing the development of tobacco cultivation and replacing it with the cultivation of strategic crops such as rice, wheat, barley, corn, livestock inputs, etc. during the seventh plan by implementing extension programs and supporting farmers.

Article 12: Improving the health system

Considering that on the one hand, smoking is the main risk factor for more than 50 non-communicable diseases and 18-20 types of cancer. 20 to 30 percent of heart attacks and strokes are related to smoking. Nearly 150,000 cases of cancer occur in the country every year, and one-third of cancer cases can be prevented by controlling smoking. imposing heavy costs on the health system; Attention and focus on reducing tobacco consumption, including the cost, are considered the most effective interventions of the health system.

Article 18: Promotion of social health, prevention and reduction of social harms, especially addiction

Smoking threatens family stability in the country and is a serious cause of infertility in the society. During the last 4 years, smoking among young girls (13-15 years old) has increased by 133%. Tobacco is the gateway to social crimes. More than 95% of drug addicts use tobacco and alcohol. In addition, the increasing prevalence of smoking, hookah, and drugs is a serious alarm for the addiction of the country’s youth. It is necessary to put tobacco prevention programs at the top of the programs of the Ministries of Education, Culture and Islamic Guidance, Radio and Television, Sports and Youth, etc., to implement the Comprehensive Tobacco Control Law approved in 2005 and strictly prohibit advertising and all forms of its promotion, including supermarket counters, stalls and Also, the showing of hookah and other tobacco use scenes in movies and TV series, home movie channels, etc. should be taken into consideration during the program.

In the first year of the program the government is obliged to establish a national coordination mechanism in the supreme council of health and food safety in order to coordinate and monitor the production, supply, and demand of tobacco products.

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