Signing an MoU between Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association and Health Department of Tehran Municipality

      In a meeting on May 31, 2020, the World No Tobacco Day, Dr. Mohammad Reza Masjedi, secretary-general of IATA…

    World No Tobacco Day

    The tobacco industry is targeting children and adolescents to replace the 8 million people their products kill each year For…

    Tobacco and Coronavirus; Statement of Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association

    A French study suggested that nicotine may have a protective effect against coronavirus and although it was not a peer-reviewed…

    The visitation of Keramat Charity by IATA’s staff

    Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association (IATA)’s staff together with representatives from Iranian Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance, and Ferdous Charity, paid a visit to…

    Call for paper for “Gender and Tobacco in Muslim Societies”

    In line with the health-centric goals of Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association (IATA) and for expanding the studies about women and tobacco,…

    The Role of NGOs in the UNESCO Chair on Social Health

    In a meeting attended by Mr. Nourbakhsh, Head of UNESCO Chair on Social Health and Development, Mr. Saeedabadi, Mr. Mohammad…

    Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association (IATA) was founded as an NGO in 1983 by the efforts of numerous physicians and academic figures. Our mission is to fight against tobacco and promote public awareness about the tobacco-induced diseases and widespread harms of tobacco smoking in health, cultural, social and economic spheres.

    We are a member of the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA), local partner and 2010 Award Winner of WHO.

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