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If you are not able to fight with tobacco, at least do not underlie social harms

Ayatollah Morteza Mahmoodi declared that if the government does not have enough power to fight with problems like substance abuse and tobacco consumption, at least it should not let the underlying factors cause social harm.

Imam of Friday’s Prayer in Varamin, expressed his sorrow that there are 46 hookah houses in this town while they have not as many streets in Varamin, and it shows that many of these places are working without any permit and supervisions; this lack of supervision has a serious impact on the physical and social health of younger generations.

He said that he is so sorry that some of the teachers and other staff of schools are customers of these hookah houses themselves; they are the role models for the students and their families, and while they suffer from this social problem, how they could be good models for others.

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