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Qom will be a smoke-free city

Dr. Mohammad Reza Qadir, acting director of Qom University of Medical Sciences, during a meeting with secretary-general of Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association and Technical Officer at WHO country office, said: Based on the suggestion of the WHO and readiness of Qom University of Medical Sciences, Qom along with Mecca and Medina, has been announced as a smoke-free holy city.

He explained that during recent months, a team of experts from WHO visited Qom and had several meetings with senior religious figures, and as they consider everything that could be harmful to humans as forbidden, they emphasized on implementation of this program.

Dr. Qadir stated that Qom can be a role model for fighting against tobacco consumption. Although it’s not possible to be done immediately, and it needs to be planned slowly and steadily, but with the advice from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and WHO, with the collaboration of IATA, it will be implemented.

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