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The visitation of Keramat Charity by IATA’s staff

Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association (IATA)’s staff together with representatives from Iranian Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance, and Ferdous Charity, paid a visit to the Keramat Charity and its departments in Shahr-e-Rey on January 27, 2020.

After welcoming the audience, the CEO and directors of Keramat charity presented their organization and explained about their achievements and also the development plans they pursue. Then Dr. Masjedi, secretary-general of IATA while acknowledging the great works of Keramat charity, welcomed the collaboration opportunities between IATA and INCDA with Karamat Charity.

After visiting different sections of Keramat Charity, including the preschool, school, high schools, gym, library, the medical center, and other sectors of this charity complex, Dr. Masjedi endorsed Keramat Charity as one of the most successful charities of the country that needs to be introduced in the international level, and expands its activities to other cities, so the poor and vulnerable people can benefit from its valuable services.

In the end, an MOU was signed between Ms. Fatemeh Ghafari, the CEO of Keramat Charity and Dr. Masjedi, on the behalf of IATA, INCDA, and Ferdous Charity.

بازدید از موسسه کرامت


For more information about Keramat Charity, visit their website at http://keramat.ir.

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